Night Treasure

The cool clear night sweeps over the lake. The radiant moon climbs over the horizon to spill her pale silver beauty into the water. The lake fills with the night’s treasure. In the distance the sounds of the frogs and crickets are replaced by the occasional yip of a coyote singing for his mate. Down by the water a yearling fawn steps softly out of the bush to drink from the lake and take in the moonlight. Just a few sips and he disappears back into forest without a sound. I too must be on my way. I gather up my camera and tripod and climb back up into the big blue truck and head home with my silvery treasure forever preserved in my lens.

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Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “Night Treasure” and is available for purchase by contacting me on Facebook or by using the Contact Form on my website.

4X6- $5.00

5X7- $10.00

8X10- $15.00

Some cropping may be necessary for certain sizes.

I’m also available for portraits by appointment by using the Contact Form or Message me on Facebook.

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