The Art Of Invisibility

Have you ever thought about what super power you would like to have? We’ve all seen the quizzes on social media that ask this question. Usually there’s a list of super powers. I think that mine would be invisibility. Even as a kid running free in the woods of Appalachia I liked to find the quiet unnoticed spots. I wasn’t really hiding per se, but I liked the sense of being invisible. It’s actually a very real possibility and it’s not as hard as one might think. All you need to do is find a place to blend into the landscape and look like you belong there. The hemlock tree in tonight’s feature image is one that I’ve used for this purpose many times in my life. It’s branches are thick and hang very low. The ground at the roots is shaded enough to prevent the underbrush from popping up. And it overlooks the forest floor from a nice vantage point. I would disappear beneath the boughs and pretend that I was actually part of the tree. I would watch as the deer and rabbits came by and never even look my direction. Birds of every feather would come and scratch the ground or land on branches just above me. I just hold very still and they never really paid any attention to the strange lump on the trunk of the tree. Once a whole flock of turkeys stumbled into me so close that I could have touched one even though I was dressed in street clothes. Finally it hit me that they couldn’t see what they wasn’t looking for. They were so preoccupied with foraging for food that they missed me until they almost bumped into me. For all intents and purposes I was invisible. When they finally did notice me the resulting commotion was pretty funny. The thought of being pecked and spurred by a whole flock of large birds is unsettling. But they were happy with just escaping and so was I. That’s the really cool thing about becoming invisible. It’s the power to escape from the outside world and be unencumbered with responsibility for just a little while. All you need is a nice thick hemlock tree and the time to be still enough to blend in.

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4 thoughts on “The Art Of Invisibility

  1. Initially, I felt that invisibility would be an awesome superpower and then I remembered that I wanted that, like other women, so I could protect myself at night and protect myself from harm and violence from men. But the superpower I’d love is teleportation because then I could go on free holidays! I would go on holiday all the time. XD I can even teleport myself onto shows and see if there are free seats that would let me get away with it Paha. XD

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    1. Teleportation would be fun. I would probably be popping up behind people to tap them on the shoulder and then be gone before they could turn around.
      Native American camouflage techniques really can make you invisible for all practicality. There used to be several videos on YouTube of primitive survivalists doing it. One guy was so we’ll camouflaged that a horse almost stepped on him.

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      1. Paha, I think I’ve had enough people tap me on the shoulder and pretend it wasn’t them to annoy me for a lifetime… oo, actually, I could do it to a few people who I don’t like who will definitely throw a fit. If you enjoy camouflaging, there was a film called The Hunger Games where a character called Peeta was able to use art to camouflage himself as a log to go unsuspected!

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      2. Jennifer Garner grew up in West Virginia and worked at a department store that I have shopped in before she became famous. She served at least one of my friends on a regular basis and there’s a good chance that she helped me only I didn’t know who she was (or would be) at the time.

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