Quiet Time 

I’m a person who values solitude. We as modern humans are bombarded with stimulus from every angle.  Voices tell us to dress a certain way, go to certain places and pretty much influence every aspect of life.  (Don’t even get me started on the “buy this or fail to be popular ” voice).

This park bench sets in the back of a office building.  It’s a refuge for those who just need a quiet place to breathe.   The day that I took the picture the rain served as an extra layer of protection from the outside world.  The noise of other conversations, intrusion from others and even the excessive cologne from that one person in every crowd is washed away by the falling drops of rain.  

It’s a time to decompress and renew my sense of self.  On this bench I belong to me.  Each drop that hits the cement pad ripples out as a tiny wave to push away the world.  

Sitting in the rain on a cold winter day may not make sense to most people but for me it’s way to clean the day’s mental and emotional clutter from the soul. 

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