Electricity Is Delivered By Train 

Electricity is delivered by Train.  In my Appalachian home coal culture runs deep. Almost every family has at least one family member who is a miner.  The rest of us only have jobs because the miners buy our goods and services.  The hours are long and even though great advances have been made the work is brutal.  I don’t know if you have ever been in a darkness like the bottom of coal mine miles underneath a mountain.  It’s absolutely pitch black.  Or so I’m told.  (I’m one who never went into a mine). As a child I grew up with men who had black spots just beneath the skin as a result of a piece of coal that fell from the roof of a mine. They all had hands that were hard and calloused. I’ve listened to stories about what it means when you feel a sudden breeze from one end of a tunnel and the the rebound hits you from the other end. It means there was a cave in somewhere in the Labyrinth underground.  It’s the most terrifying experience a miner can have.  People scramble to find where the roof has fallen. Miners always pack extra food because they never really know if they will be trapped or for how long.  Self rescue is sometimes the only option.  This is the reality behind the lights we see by, the energy  that powers the microwave,  the refrigerator that preserves that food and even the  Hospitals that save our lives.  All of it is powered by the men and women who enter the deepest part of the world and pull the light out of the darkness. 

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