Long Term Parking 

This Jeep was parked in this very spot when I was a kid.  It’s one of several old Willie’s Jeeps that the landowner has. In my imagination I can see young soldiers crossing the battlefield in this jeep. I imagine the stories of home that are exchanged.  The men are hopeful because the war is over and they are returning home.  I imagine that when the jeep is sold as surplus it falls into hands of someone who puts his heart and soul into making it roadworthy again.  I can see him exit the highway on a whim to explore some mountain trail. He and his jeep are a good match.  They are both rugged and free spirited.  Not to bound down by the well traveled highway which goes only to and fro but not out.  I imagine the fishing and camping trips with friends and laughter they enjoyed.  The jeep started out with a mission to bring people home. Now with it’s mission accomplished it was time to rest.  It made one last trip.  It’s last escape from the pavement on the edge of the home it came back to.  There it could stay parked and enjoy the peace.

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