The Orange Story

One of Christmas traditions that my family practices is peppermint candy and oranges.  Every year my grandfather would buy a crate of oranges and bag them up with peppermint candy to hand out to friends and family. This was the thing he looked the most forward to every year. The story behind this gifting tradition goes back to the Great Depression.  He came from a large family and during those times almost nothing was bought from the store. They played with hand carved wooden toys. They wore handmade clothes.  The food was raised and harvested at home.  An exotic fruit like the orange was a luxury.  But his father would splurge at Christmas and there was enough money for each child to have one orange and a large piece of peppermint candy.  One year one of his sisters had just finished peeling her orange and dropped it into the dirt. My grandfather couldn’t allow her to go without Christmas and gave her his orange.  The simple act of sacrifice became an expression of love every year.  The true meaning of Christmas is sacrificial love.  The original gift that was given was the child in manger who grew up to hang on a cross and restore to us that which was lost. 

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