A Path To Wander 

Our paths are not always easy in life. Some roads are paved others are rocky and then there are the ones that are forbidden.  If you’re a curious person like me then you know how hard it is to leave a mystery behind.  There’s a locked gate in front of this road.  I  know from soil survey maps that it’s a strip mine.  One of many in my area.  And there’s actually a guard just out of sight here.  The guard tolerates my stopping at the gate and snapping a few pictures every so often.  Sometimes he wants to see how the image turns out. But I’m not allowed to see what is on the other side of the hill.  The urge to see what is out there is a basic human drive.  We’re all explorers at heart. We need to find out where the road goes and what is out there.  It’s not always a physical road like this one.  Sometimes it’s an idea or a question that provides the puzzle.  Exploring is more than just seeing.  It’s experiencing the goal. The sound of the birds in a hidden meadow.  It’s the bite of the winter wind and the glimmer of ice while the land sleeps.  It’s life in motion.  It’s the difference between living and existing. 

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