Blogger Appreciation Award

I want to thank Enni a Blogger Appreciation Award.  It’s a humbling experience to have so many people take interest in my work.  

I’m still figuring out the social side of WordPress  so please forgive me if I get the rules wrong.  Front what I understand the rules are simple for this one.  

1. Thank the person who nominated you as I did above.  

2. Write a positive paragraph about yourself. I’m going to take some creative license here and tell a little about myself.

This summer I will turn fifty years old.  While many of the wonders of modern seem like a science fiction story to me I think that digital photography has had the largest impact on my life.  Prior to the 21st century it wasn’t practical to pursue my dreams.  Developing film was expensive. Because of this I spent a lot of time looking through a viewfinder of an empty camera.  I developed my eye since I couldn’t develop film.  I believe that the experience has given me the skills I needed to be a successful artist. 

Rule 3. Nominate as many bloggers as you want.  

Okay,  here’s my standard rule for myself.  I’m not comfortable giving others an assignment.  My core philosophy involves a volunteer attitude.  So from now on instead of nominating others I will leave it open as a challenge.  🤗 anyone who is reading this is challenged to tell me something positive about themselves in a post or a comment.  

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