Kimberly Tunnel #2

The last time I posted an image of the Kimberly Tunnel I wrote about how dark places in life could represent a shortcut to where you want go.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Today I’m thinking about completing a journey. You see, the day I took these pictures I was behind schedule to complete other tasks for that day. I really didn’t have time to stop and get the pictures that I got. I could see that on the other side of the tunnel there’s an open area. The light that filtered in through the leaves, gave an almost mystical view to the end of the tunnel.

So far I have no clue what is on the other side. I plan to go back this spring when I can dedicate more time to explore. (A day when there’s no frozen goods in the back seat, thawing). But for now I’ll have to make do with a mystery to inspire my imagination.

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