Sunrise on Summerville Lake

As a youth I spent a large piece of my life on and around Summerville Lake.

Wikipedia has all the statistics (click here) and there’s a funny story about how the government almost named it Gad Dam Lake after the ghost town on the bottom. (Read about Gad) . For me, the lake was a place to escape. There were boats that belonged to friends and eventually my dad got his own boat. Summers were spent fishing and swimming and trying to impress the ladies without falling overboard.

There are stories of catfish in the lake large enough to swallow you whole! Every fisherman in Summerville has a story about how they were almost the one who landed a monster. Some will even have broken poles and fish hooks that have been pulled straight as evidence.

Scuba diving is allowed on the lake however I was never certified.

I have swam from one side of the lake to the other. The lake is three hundred and twenty seven feet deep deep ( just under 100 meters). Young boys would see who could stay underwater for the longest time. This was a game that I was very good at winning. Now as an adult, a person has a fair amount of freedom, but if I could choose I’d be a kid on the lake for at least one last endless summer.

11 thoughts on “Sunrise on Summerville Lake

  1. Wow! Awesome memories to recall and also write! I love lakes, but can’t swim for saving a drowning dog sakes! *sighs* and the thing is that, I’m from the Caribbean and I live near the sea and still can’t swim….buttttt I’m willing to learn pretty soon lolol! Thanks for sharing those beautiful memories with us God bless! Xx

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