Old Barn On Muddlety Creek 

What is that we love about old barns? Is it the rusty old tin on the roof? Is the texture of weathered wood? Is it the skeletonized framework? I don’t really know why but I love old barns.

I have taken several pictures of this one and processed several versions but it just feels right in black and white.

Image was taken on Muddlety Creek Road in Nicholas County West Virginia

31 thoughts on “Old Barn On Muddlety Creek 

      1. I am incredibly uncomfortable with giving others an assignment. I love all my followers and I’m truly touched that you have thought of me. I tried it couple of times and struggled with who may or may not be interested in passing it on. Please don’t be offended.


      2. Thank you so much. I’m currently answering 3 Liebester Award nominations. With my day job scheduling and running my photography business plus interaction with my Facebook page I’m kinda booked up. Unlike most people I have keep my phone off for most of the day because of security concerns. That kinda limits my opportunity to do extra posts. It’s a matter of time.

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