Thank you everyone! I’m truly touched that so many folks have nominated me in such a short time period. Basically, I’ve gotten several nominations within the past few weeks. I know that I’m missing someone who nominated me and if it’s you please let me know and I’ll try to catch up.

I’m changing the rules just a little bit. My last experience with the Liebester Award left me with a mixed bag of reactions from those that I nominated . Some were happy, some didn’t respond at all and others contacted me privately with a very polite but very firm no thank you. I wasn’t hurt but it did leave me uncomfortable with giving others the nomination. So, what I will do is respond to everyone’s questions but instead of nominations I’m going to leave challenges.

The challenge will be at the end of post.

In no particular order.

I’m starting with Enni.

1. What do you like the most Going around the world or staying back in your home ?

A. I’ve never traveled outside of Eastern United States. Most of my friends became soldiers in order to travel. I prepared for a career in the military but Jesus had other plans for my life. One day I would like to take my camera to other countries.

2. Do you believe in Miracles? If yes, then share your experience.

A. I am a walking miracle. Jesus Christ has protected me death on many occasions. Most recently was a crash with a bus at highway speeds. I have seen wounds on my father in law’s leg close up and heal over.

3. What is the most funniest moment of your life that has ever happen to you?

A. That s a hard one to pick from. I suppose it was the time I accidentally shaved off an eyebrow.

4. ‘Falling in Love’ or ‘Filling with Love’. Describe

A. Love is a seed that grows when cared for. As it grows it fills the space it grows in.

5. Any historical Place you like the most and why?

A. I’m partial to Eastern Woodlands of America. I have deep roots here. The property I own was part of the Pocahontas Trail (The real Pocahontas not the cartoon). I feel a deep connection early American history.

6. Whenever you fall in Dilemma, to whom you look for to help you out in this situation.

A. God has given me a wonderful wife who is always there for me in such a dilemma.

7. Name any one Best thing about the place where you live.

A. There’s plenty of wilderness but I’m not so far removed from town that it’s a pain to resupply or find work.

8. Share your favorite bedtime story.

A. I have not thought about a bedtime story for many years. I guess the closest thing to a bedtime story for me is a video on YouTube.

9. Are you still living in a cage made by societies.

A. Yes, very much. It’s complicated but I’m working on changing it.

10. ‘Winter’ or ‘Summer’ which season do you like the most and why ?

A. Summer. As I grow older the scars and injuries of my youth are catching up with me. The warm weather means less pain. But mostly because winter is dark and I miss the green leaves.

11. If you get the chance to travel Time, where would you like to go Past or Future.

A. Probably the past. I would like to have a long talk with my younger self about avoiding mistakes.

The next set of questions came from bestking RBC online

1. How do you feel presently, and why?

A. Thank you for asking. Presently I’m blessed beyond belief

2. What is your favorite dish, and how comfortable do you feel eating it in a public environment that’s non secluded?

A. As a diabetic I live on protein. In order to avoid dangerous medications I must maintain a strict eating schedule. My meals are simple. Fresh meat and vegetables with as little processing as possible.

3. If you were given a chance to revive a (1) dead person, who would that be?

A. I’m not sure I would want to pull a person out of Heaven. To be absent from the body is to be with the Lord.

4. What you love(d) most about your spouse, if divorced your Ex- wife, or your Relationship Partner (if not married), and also indicate your relationship status?

A. My wife and I have groomed our relationship over many years. I don’t think I could state only one thing that I love about her.

5. Where do you see your self in the next 10 years, and the expected medium to achieving it?

A. The next 10 years will bring a lot of changes to the world. Many jobs are said to be lost because of robots. That doesn’t mean a person will not have opportunity . If I have my way I will be able to sell my photos and have time for family.

6. Which of your friend’s (a non-blogger) would you like to give a shout out {hail} to?

A.My best friends are Newt and Timmy. We have been together since elementary school.

7. Your favorite parent, and state your reasons for choosing them?

A. I don’t have a favorite. My family is a single unit.

8. If you were given license to travel to10 countries in the world with your family for free, where would those be?

A, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Kenya, South Africa, Chile,Mexico, Australia, Ukraine, Japan.

9. How does your blogging life relates to your Personal life?

A. My blog is to advertise my photography. I have been very humbled and touched because I had no idea how many people internationally would be interested in the thoughts of a country boy from the wilds of Appalachia. My world has suddenly become very small and full of wonderful people. ❤

10. What vital roles do you expect “others” to play in your life?

A. My grandfather was a survivor of the Great Depression and World War Two. He was one of the largest influenceson my life. He taught us that community was vital for surviving everything. People have to love each other in spite of imperfections. He always quoted “a three strand cord is not easily broken”.

11. What is your perspective of Strangers, who is and who is not a stranger to you?

A. I am optimistic about strangers. I presume most people are good.

The last set of questions came from Noor

1.If you could have a successful change in your career or your major, what would be the change you’ll choose ?

A. I would be fully self employed.

2. What one characteristic in you that you would never change?

A. My sense of liberty.

3. If you had to move out of your country for life, what country would you choose to live in?

A. It would be hard to decide. Somewhere with a small government.

4. Black bitter coffee vs cinnamon tea with mint.

A. I have been drinking black bitter coffee since I was six years old.

5. What would be a harder experience for you; shopping for groceries or shopping for clothes?

A. Clothes. I have a very long torso and large feet. It’s hard to find anything that fits.

6. Do you consider yourself happy or just satisfied?

A. I’m usually a happy person.

7. Do you have this one person who always gets you before even having to explain yourself?

A. Yes. My wife.

8. On a scale of 1 to 10, how lucky do you think you are?

A. 9.99999

9. What is the one thing you always try to do but never succeed in doing it?

A. I have never been able to use a skateboard.

10. Do you have a certain phobia?

A. I don’t really have a phobia. Except for ninjas. A ninja could be hidden anywhere. 😉

11. What’s the riskiest thing you’ve had to do lately?

A. I ran out of the house in the dark to chase away a bear. (Appalachian bears don’t usually fight)

Now for the challenge. Instead of tagging anyone I want whoever is up to the challenge to comment “I’m accepting the challenge!” and leave a link to their post in the comments.

I only have a few questions.

1. What do you do on a daily basis to become more independent.

2. What dose art mean to you and how does it effect your daily life?

3. If you were granted three wishes what would they be?

4. Name something that makes you smile every day.

5. What do you do to find inner peace.

6. Would you rather read a good story or write a good story?

7. What is your superpower?


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