Evening On The Kanawha River

Late last summer I managed to get a nice shot of sunset over the Kanawha River. The golden dome in the background is our capital building. My home is at the other end this river. When I was a kid I was told that the word Kanawha was a Native American word for big river. Today I checked via Google and was given a few more interpretations. The Shawnee say that it’s a word for new water and the Catabwa say it means friendly brother. That’s odd to me because I have always thought that both tribes spoke Algonquin. What’s in a name anyway? Whatever Kanawha means it’s a major resource. The tug boats are often seen pushing massive amounts of coal up and downstream. The Kanawha River has been a major resource for thousands of years and it still is today.

20 thoughts on “Evening On The Kanawha River

  1. Rivers are a good example of impermanence. If you dip your hand in a river, take it out, and dip it back it again, it’s not the same river. The water from the first dip is long gone. And so, naming a river is a kind of human fault. Like attachment to something that is inevitably gonna move on. I learned about this during my Vipassana retreat.

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      1. Well, I believe in “private property ” as a legal concept but morally I see it as a responsibility. As a Christian, I think that humans have certain rights to the resources but they should be used wisely. It’s only ours for a short time.

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      2. I’d love to take a permacultre course. I had some exposure to it in college and I’ve picked up bits and pieces along the way. Basically, it’s a way to heal the land and increase productivity at the same time. If I’m not mistaken there’s a lot of Japanese gardening concepts included.

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