Thinking about Springtime

West Virginia is still a few weeks from Spring. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the bursts of color and the sound of tweeting birds. At the end of February, I start looking at the buds on the trees for signs of life. The Dogwood is one of the first to wake up. I began to get excited just thinking about it. The long cold nights have been giving way to earlier sunrises and later sunsets every day. Soon it will be time to plant gardens and gather the dead wood from the lawn for the fire pit. In the past few days I’ve started hearing the frogs sing and the hatchling fish have been spotted in the stream that runs through my property. Life is returning to the mountains once more.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about Springtime

  1. A friend sent me your picture of the Catholic Church in Boomer, WV. I was born and raised in Boomer and was blessed to have an Italian family next door who I went to this church with on occasion. I purchased a matted and framed picture of this church at the town center mall years ago. It’s one of my prized possessions.. I’d love to have a print of this picture also. If there’s a way to purchase one, please let me know. I will continue to follow you. I’ve also read all your articles on and seen your photos of the Summersville Lake. Like any I’ve seen so far, all are beautiful as are your descriptions of each.
    There are two photos I would love to see you do though. A stormy day at the Summersville Lake Lighthouse and the beautiful stained glass in the peak of the Boomer Catholic Church, but from inside the church on a bright sunny day when the sun is angled perfectly at the window. If you ever get those two, I hope I don’t miss them.
    Thanks for sharing your gift.

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