Planting Seeds

The image above was taken in Kanawha County West Virginia at the Southridge shopping center.

I consider myself a forest dweller. Sure I spend most of my day in a cubicle and earn money on the internet but it’s an alien world to me. I want nothing more than just a shaded path along a babbling brook. That’s my real home. As a child I would find a stand of seedlings and try to weave them together in a little dome. The hemlock trees worked the best. They were flexible enough that you could weave them without breaking the trunk. And, they were lush enough for a good shelter. We always hoped that a natural graft would happen and we would have a permanent place to play. We wanted to shape a future. While the plan to grow seedlings into houses never quite worked the idea behind the plan is still sound. Take what resources you have and work them into a future that makes you happy.

Relationships are like trees. The kind smiles and words are the seeds we plant in lives of those around us. They are received into heart and soul of our friends and family. Those seeds of love are going to grow into warm hugs when we need them the most.

10 thoughts on “Planting Seeds

  1. I feel like sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t work… no matter how effectively you plant the seeds (in your personal life). But I guess it doesn’t have to… just focus on the ones that do actually bloom.
    Great post as always. ❤️

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  2. Most seeds need more than just planting to grow, they need certain treatments and conditions. Funny enough relationships are the same.
    Your point is good and the seeds (even metaphorical ones) that do grow are going to be just what we need at the right time.

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