Two Sunshine Blogger Awards in one week

I want to give a big thank you to Bartek for not only nominating me for a Sunshine Blogger Award and for the opportunity to take part in some creative writing. (The link takes you to part one of Unknown Destiny team write)

  1. If you could hear colours, how would your favourite colour sound? A) I think green sounds like a shady spot on a warm day
  2. If you could enter a world from a book or movie, what would it be? A) I think I could live in the world of Star Trek without too much “tribble” 😉
  3. When reading this sentence. ‘Proper punctuation makes all the difference between a sentence that’s well written, and a sentence that’s, well, written.’ do you feel like you need to work on it like me? A) yes, I rely heavily on my wife to be my editor.
  4. Midas touch or healing touch? A) HEALING TOUCH EVERY TIME
  5. If life could have background music, but only 3 songs, what would they be? A) I’m not sure. But I would need one high energy song, one song for romance and one worship song
  6. Your 1 wish can come true, no limits, what would it be? A) Solomon wished for wisdom and by it he gained everything else.
  7. If you could become an animal/creature, real or mythological what would you be? A) I’m going to cheat a little bit and say a shape shifter like Odo from Space 9.
  8. Over one night you can learn 3 out of 6909 languages that are spoken in the world today. What are they? A) Algonquin, Gaelic and Latin
  9. What superpower do you desire? A) flight
  10. Which of your blog posts are you most proud of? A) I don’t think I have a a favorite post but working with stone has been the most popular most popular.
  11. Did you ever experience unexplained/paranormal event? can you describe it? A) I had a close encounter of the first kind. It was a classic red orb ufo that lit up the whole mountain. I am experienced with military flares and it was no flare. However, I do think that it’s earthly technology that has not been introduced to the public.

And as usual, I am leaving it up to voluntarily tagging yourself. Just leave a comment below so I can see who picks up the challenge 😁

7 thoughts on “Two Sunshine Blogger Awards in one week

    1. In 1988 a man in Canada built an airship that was shaped like a golf ball. He had a unique way of heating up helium to keep his craft in the air. The story was only featured once in Scientific American magazine and there was a small follow up in the next issue that said he was in trouble with both the U.S. and Canadian governments over proprietary technology. After that you never heard the story again. What I saw fit the general description of his airship.

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