A Squirrelly Post

Things get a little nuts on certain days. The crazy schedule of modern life can really drive one up a tree. I have driven over 130 miles and worked a full shift on my day job. I’m really ready to just hang out at home.

Okay, before I get too squirrelly with the puns let me tell you about the photo. This little guy lives in the woods behind my dad’s house. The property is crisscrossed with old logging trails that are perfect hiking. The squirrels are actually very curious and they are certain that they are true landlords here and need to check out anyone who dares to trespass. I really wanted a good shot of one of deer that roams the old home place but he wouldn’t allow it. Every few seconds or so he would pop up from the other side of the tree and chatter at me. These are not like the squirrels you see in the park that come up and beg for food. They do not like intrusion into their territory. There’s been a few times that they actually have thrown nuts at me from high in the tree tops. After I took the picture I moved on and let him win the debate. I have a whole forest to explore. Certainly he deserves to be the king of his tree.

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