Meeting A Beauty Queen in Forest

Springtime in the Appalachian mountains is a magical experience. The buds on the trees are beginning burst into shades of light green. Little tiny flowers appear on the edges of the forest. A mockingbird is singing close by. He is like the person at every party that only knows the chorus of each song and blends them all together into one song. He’s the mix DJ of the woods. (mockingbird calls)

Several yards/meters away something scurries through the duff of the forest floor. I look over that direction and a chipmunk pops out from under a fallen tree. He squeaks out a chirp of disapproval at me for blocking his path and vanishes back into his hole. That’s when I noticed the Carolina Spring Beauty (Claytonia caroliniana) modestly occupying the ground at my feet. The crom was one of the favorite foods for Native Americans. Although I have never tried them I do consider them as part of my survival garden along with the wild wood violets that are almost as thick as the grass in my yard.

I knelt down to address this tiny beauty queen who didn’t shy away from my camera and took her portrait. She smiled warmly and with a subtle nod granted approval for me to share the picture with you tonight.

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