Mysterious Mountains, Ancient Walls and New Eyes

As I look at peaks and ridges of my Appalachian Mountains I have an overwhelming urge to go explore each of them. Somewhere in this group of hills and valleys is the hidden remains of an ancient empire. Long ago a stone wall was built here that stretched out for miles. The big mystery to me is what were they protecting themselves from? There’s legends of giants in the mountains. I have always had this fantasy of finding a hidden cave entrance and stepping inside to find ancient treasures and stone artworks. At one point we would walk along and find lithics. Stone age tools and points that made life possible turn up here often. The worked stone comes from all over North America. It was often used as a barter when tribes traded with each other.

There’s also the story of a scuttled brass cannon from the “War of Northern Aggression “. (American Civil War) as well as rumors of Confederate gold.

More than likely one might find old overgrown farms. When I was a kid we could find old mason jars on almost any given day of exploration. It was probably left behind by a family who canned their garden produce but in my eyes it was always an abandoned moonshine still. Not all treasures are golden. Sometimes they are rusty tin, glass or ceramic.

Whatever is out there it’s bound to be interesting. There’s a story in everything we leave behind. Old walls, broken glass or rusty barbed wire it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the lives that filled these mountains and the stories that they left behind.

20 thoughts on “Mysterious Mountains, Ancient Walls and New Eyes

      1. Well no memory of it, came here when I was six months old but been through the Gauley Bridge, Blue Mountains etc quite a few times since.

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      2. Yeah it’s be over 25 years for me being back there for a visit. Wouldn’t know who’s who anymore. Still very cool relating to WV ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Wow, even before I clicked on the post I was blown away by the photograph. The photograph is breathtaking.
    โ€œThe story of a scuttled brass cannon from the โ€œWar of Northern Aggression โ€œ. (American Civil War) as well as rumors of Confederate gold.โ€ – sounds fascinating especially as it is from such an interesting time period.
    I love this idea of โ€œhistory behind items,โ€ allows your imagination to run wild, and a fun game to indulge when we have time.

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