From the first warm Spring rain you awoke to the life giving glow of solar affection.

For a season you bathed in radiance and grew strong enough to withstand the violence of the summer storms.

Strength has now faded and your tasks are complete. All that is left is to carry your golden glow to the forest floor and sleep until the time of rebirth when the sparrow sings and glory awakens you once more.

– Lloyd A Dempsey II

I have always observed that God’s Word is written first on nature. The life cycle of the deciduous trees of Appalachia teaches me that a Christian is conceived in Grace. The leaves don’t go and pull down the light from the sun. It is freely available for them to receive. We as humans don’t call down grace. It’s already here and freely available to anyone. In order to receive the life giving light of the sun the leaves must both awaken and open to receive the light. The Christian must also be awakened and open to receiving the grace of God. It’s the light that makes leaves strong enough to withstand the storms. Our strength is in Christ. At the end of the season the energy collected by the leaves stays in the leaf and is added to the fertility of the forest floor which is taken up by the roots of the tree and used to produce a new leaf. The Grace of God is carried into death by the believer until the day that Christ returns and wakes us from mortal slumber and we are made new.

14 thoughts on “Lifecycle

    1. Well, we believe that Jesus was God. That God created the body which we call Jesus Christ as a vessel for himself to interact with us and to be a sinless human who having suffered death for a crime that he didn’t commit broke the curse of Adam. (Which is still unwinding) . Grace of God is his favor that we did not earn. It’s a gift. When he returns he will change the believers who are alive and raise the dead into a body like his. ( The curse is on the flesh and new flesh will complete the redemption) afterwards, he will set up a kingdom on earth for a while. There’s more but I’m out of time. I’ll continue later.


    2. To continue my thoughts earlier, after the Kingdom is set up it will for 1000 years and after that is Judgement day for the world. At the very end the old creation is done away and a new incorruptible creation is made in its place and that’s where we spend eternity.


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