Canadian Redbud

Today is Arbor Day! I’ve not really spoken much about my my educational background on my blog. My formal education is mostly in Forest biology. At one point my long term goal was to get into strip mine reclamation. Redbud is one of the trees that is used to recondition the soil. Redbud is a legume which means it has nitrogen fixing bacteria in it’s roots. While it seldom gets to be timber sized it can to be about 20 feet tall (6 meters). I used to have one in my backyard that was quite thick for a shrub. It was about 18 inches (45.72 cm) at the base. The beautiful pinkish purple bloom is actually edible and the pods are too when processed properly.

The best thing about Redbud is that it’s one of the trees that blooms early in the Spring. At the time I am writing this the photo is a couple of weeks old. After the long dark winter the burst of color from the Redbud is a breath of fresh air.

9 thoughts on “Canadian Redbud

  1. Well, now! 🙂 That’s certainly interesting information.
    If I feel like I need a diagnosis, I know who to turn to.

    Redbud flowers are so dainty and pretty.
    Hope to see some soon in these parts.

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  2. What a beautiful tree! Tell me, do you have any pictures of the Asian Happy Tree or does it only grow in Canada and Asia? I’m fascinated with trees, always have been, but since having chemotherapy even more so, especially as I had Taxol which is derived from the Pacific Yew and the Asian Happy Tree, with plant alkaloids of Vinca Major and The American Wild Mandrake.

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    1. I’m not familiar with the Asian happy tree so I’m going to say that It’s not found in my area. Pacific yew only grows as an ornamental here. And, what you call American Mandrake we call May apples and those grow wild on my property. There in season right now and should Bloom soon.
      Bless your heart, I had wondered where you have been. I had no idea that you were on chemotherapy 🤤 I keep you in my prayers


  3. Whoa! Thanks for this new learning! It looks like the cherry blossom in South Korea and Japan but this ones purple-ish, which makes it more unique. I didn’t know about Redbud and haven’t seen one. We don’t have it here in my country.

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