Open Schedule And An Open Road.

The road ahead stretches on.

The sky is full of clouds that are smiling down.

The sun warm and friendly.

And the wind, … the wind whispers ever so softly. “Chosen”.

I grip and twist the accelerator and answer the call with a grin.

The deep growl of raw horsepower surges over my body as I catch up with the wind.

Two wheels, one headlight and an open road.

Some days, the adventure chooses you.

12 thoughts on “Open Schedule And An Open Road.

    1. I’ve always wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I have to confess that I never watch the Walking Dead. The road here goes across Summersville Dam. Every winter they drain the lake and you can see what’s left of the town of Gad. The Barren landscape and bare trees make it truly resemble a Wasteland.

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      1. Motorcycles look like a lot of fun… scary though but I’m sure in the countryside it would be a lot safer.
        Ah, and that’s why it reminds me of The Walking Dead, the land appears very barren which is similar to the show.

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