The Silent Road Part 3. The Maiden

I walked down the silent road with only a plume of dust to mark my passage. The gray world around me seemed so empty and lost. Nothing seemed to move now. No insects in the grass and only the giant raven in the sky. He circled around as he lead me back to the beginning of the road. When I came to the head of the road I looked around. The birds sat still in the trees. If it had not been for the occasional flash of feathers as they shifted position I would have been convinced that a flock of stuffed birds had been placed on the edge of the dark forest surrounding this strange highway in the dreamworld. The raven lighted in a majestic but ancient and gnarled tree. His red eyes flashed at me and he nodded to a dimly lit path in the wood. I understood that he could guide me no farther in this quest. Will a bit of angst I stepped inside the woods and looking towards the place where the light fell away I saw her. Dressed all in white and crying as she sat on a fallen log. At her feet lay a broken dulcimer. And then I knew the answer. She was the voice of this world. And without the dulcimer that voice was gone. The birds could not wake the morning sun and the clouds ruled the day. Silence is not always golden. As she wept quietly I approached her with cautious anticipation. When she noticed me standing on the edge of the path she wasn’t startled. She looked up at me in desperation and gestured to the shattered remains of her joy lying in pieces. I opened my mouth to speak words of comfort but no sound came from my throat. She took me by the hand and pulled me to a large stone in forest. We cleared away centuries of moss and there carved into the granite more strange symbols. I studied them for a moment and realized that I knew the meaning.

To be continued

6 thoughts on “The Silent Road Part 3. The Maiden

    1. You might be surprised to find out that I am an NRA advocate. I just avoid blogging about it.
      I do long for a day when they’re not needed but don’t expect to see that day until after Christ returns.

      It would be Awesome if all men could live in peace.

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      1. I have nothing against hunters, Lloyd. Lord knows, I know enough of them. Good people, for the most part, as far as I can tell.

        Every generation has its share of mental cases. I may be one myself, as far as a few are concerned.

        “Love your enemies. Be good to those who would harm you.”
        Does that really ring true these days? More like, “Don’t make enemies”, and “Don’t piss ’em off!” especially at school. They might go postal. Same applies in the workplace. I’m somewhat surprised it hasn’t happened where I work, but we do have guards and security cameras all over the place.

        People will always long for excitement, and peace will always come up on the short end of the stick, I’m afraid. “Heaven can wait.”

        Peace of mind seems to be the best we can hope for.
        Hope you know where to find yours. I’m pretty sure you do.
        Enjoy your Sunday, bro!

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  1. Bird symbolism can be terrifying… I have no idea what they’re supposed to symbolise but I hear that it’s usually nothing good. As I left the hospital after visiting my cousin, I saw a dead crow lying flat on its own. Scary.

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    1. I have a fondness for the crows. I may have mentioned that when my mother was growing up my grandma would have to tell repeatedly in order to wake on of my uncles. The crow learned hes voice and would call his name every morning 🤣 no more sleeping late!

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