A Mysterious Gate

Tonight’s post has a gate attached.

I stopped by this place on my drive home today just to take this picture. I’ve passed by it often and I’ve liked the rustic look. There’s something about the texture of the weathered wood that I really find appealing. This gate literally leads nowhere. Just a wide spot near the road that I’m pretty sure belongs to the Railroad. (I didn’t pass beyond the gate due to the private property sign hanging on it.)

I suppose that the scene represented a mystery to me.

An open gate that guards an empty lot. A sign that warns you to keep out. And an empty (I presume) gas can. A younger version of myself would not have been deterred by a sign on an open gate. I would have walked right on in just to be rebel. However, today I’m responsible for my own actions and so I’ll have to live with the mystery. But I do have a theory. This gate is there to keep the weeds from running out into the road and causing a traffic accident. πŸ˜‰πŸ€£

13 thoughts on “A Mysterious Gate

  1. Aha, I would stay away… perhaps in my younger days, I would have disobeyed but then I’m sure a little voice in the back of my head would tell me I’m stupid and did I not learn anything from horror films? Better safe than sorry.

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      1. My friends did that to one of our other friends when we went for a night walk in the fields near our cabin where a ghost was rumoured to live (and our tour guide let us know that, repeatedly!). Poor girl, she started crying.

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