On The Go

Our days seem to be spent in such a rush in the modern world. Today has been no exception. One of my goals in life is to get to point where driving is more about the journey than just making it the next destination. That’s probably why I like antique cars. Not only is the body design more artistic but the ride seems to be more relaxed. In spite of rough suspension and so much road noise that you have to scream at each other to have a conversation something just feels right. If there’s a radio at all its probably going to be AM with all the static and crackling of yesteryear. And with that I come to the end of tonight’s journey. Shut down the motor, set the break and refuel for tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “On The Go

  1. Sometimes i just drive without knowing where to go. It’s odd but I enjoy being on the go just like you do. I felt like I’m always in a rush so I do that to relax my mind. What kind of antique car do you drive? Manual or AT?

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    1. I actually don’t own an antique car. My dad has a 71 Plymouth and when I was 16 he owned a 66 Ford pickup. I learned to drive at age 11 in my grandfather’s cattle truck. It was 60s model ton truck that you had to “double clutch ” meaning that you had to push the clutch in to take it out of gear, then guess the right RPM and clutch again to get the next gear. All with the cows walking around in the back. 😂 my Truck now is an F150 crew cab. (4 doors). I call it the blue beast (after the X-Men character) it’s the largest non diesel they have.


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