Spanning The Gap

I have been convinced that nothing is impossible with enough planning and effort. I remember that long winding road through the mountains before they built the New River Gorge Bridge. The road was barely wide enough for one vehicle. I also remember the naysayers who claimed that the construction would never be completed and that the span was way too far. I think several people died building the superstructure but I couldn’t find a statistic. The completion of the bridge was monumental. It erased a large portion of the isolation of my area and opened up a lot of economic growth.

Sometimes we as humans have a tendency to isolate ourselves. It might take a monumental effort to bridge the gap between ourselves and others but the effort to bring us together opens up opportunity for something wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Spanning The Gap

    1. I have had several people contact me to say that they think it was only 2 and that it can’t be confirmed. (Just to set the record straight. ) The bridge is so tall that people parachute from it in October. Not that I have Saturday off I hope to get a picture of the jumping this year.

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      1. It’s probably the biggest event in my area. They open one side of the bridge for foot traffic and there’s venders set up at least one end, sometimes both ends. They opened up the catwalk underneath the bridge and for a fee you can strap in to a safety harness and do a sky walk.


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