September Eleventh

They always ask, “Do you remember where you were on September eleventh, Two Thousand and One?” Yes, yes I do. I was working for the prefab housing plant and we had been able to transfer to a new plant that was closer to home. The housing market was really starting to drop off and work was slow. We kept a radio on because the internet was barely off the ground and in rural West Virginia the only access was at a public library. We were taking our good sweet time to complete the day’s assignments. It’s nice to be able to knock off early occasionally but when it’s every day it really cuts into a paycheck. The radio signal was very weak and the static was horrible but we could enjoy the classic rock as we double and triple checked our measurements. Through the static and over the sound of the hammers and power saws we heard the words Plane…Hit…Tower. The line boss hit the emergency stop and the whole plant fell silent. We changed the station on the radio and redirected the antenna to pick up the AM news station. The details were starting to come in and one of my coworkers was drawing with his finger in the sawdust. Being curious I stepped over to look at what he drew. The numbers 911. That was about the time that the first tower collapsed.

The boss shut the lines down for the rest of the day but kept us on the clock with the excuse that he was calling for more blueprints and didn’t want us to leave and then have to call us back in. I spent the rest of the day out in the lumber stacks looking up at the crystal blue sky. It was the first time since the early 70s that I couldn’t see a contrail.

I listened to the memorial service today. The thing that held my attention this year was the children and grandchildren of the 9-11 victims and the hope that they carry for the future. What was born out of all that pain and suffering was a generation that’s dedicated to the betterment of mankind as a whole. Young people who want to cure cancer and solve problems all kinds.

God takes the bad things that happen and uses them for our benefit. As we remember the past and the loss let’s not be trapped by the memory. Instead, let’s honour those who’s lives are memorialized in art and verse by building a future that they would be proud of.

11 thoughts on “September Eleventh

  1. Well at that time I was kid. The only thing which is clear in my mind was the image of my grandmother siting close to the TV , and saying Something about the incidents that took place.

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      1. We all know it’s literally hard to see such incidents… 26/11 is also coming😥😥😥😞😞😞😞 … These incidents are more like a heart attack to a country. Emotional disturbance can harm the whole world.

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  2. On the anniversary, someone on twitter shared the phone messages that the people on the plane had left for their loved ones. It was so upsetting… but it was lovely that they sent their loved ones a message to let them know they love them so their last words will always be a message of love. I had just gotten back from Bangladesh in that month and was so confused because it was one of my earliest memories back in the West. I remember feeling numb and thinking this… can’t be true, it’s unbelievable. I loved seeing people coming out in support for Muslims like myself instead of blaming us which was comforting. We haven’t had any attacks in the UK for a long time so I’m praying it stays like this. ❤️

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