It’s All Connected

The Kanawha River laps gently at the pebbles on the banks. Small birds fly from twig to twig behind me. There’s a few patches of leftover snow in the shaded areas of the little roadside park but the sun is warm and the wind is calm for now. I’m fascinated by the patterns formed in the ripples of river. I can see how the waves are reflected off of the shore. As a child I read that Polynesian sailors could lay in the bottom of the boat and know where the islands are just by feeling the patterns in the waves. As I read the ripples in the Kanawha River at Glen Ferris I know that story is more than just folklore. I have often compared the rivers to the concept of the flow of time. Watching the ripples and how they interact with the objects in the river I have to think that there’s another parallel with life experience. If we are in “the river of time” then it must also be true that we’re making ripples in the flow. Ripples that travel out and intract with other objects and people. With that in mind, how much more important is it to make sure that the ripples we send out are the result of positive actions?

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8 thoughts on “It’s All Connected

  1. I always try to stay mindful of this. Each and every action creates a ripple effect and it’s a dilemma I face when I am torn between justice and mercy. But in order to show mercy to the majority, I must serve justice to the individual otherwise they will continue to be unjust to others if they can get away with it. There’s mistakes, thoughtlessness and then there’s intentions. You can have good intentions, but if it still leads to thoughtlessness and harms another, we must be just. It’s a tricky area to navigate, I can’t make generalisations, but it’s something I use with discretion and apply on a case by case basis. I wonder if this makes sense? This is from an Islamic point of view, ofc. But I’m sure it’s one that would follow Kant, Socrates and Stuart Mills line of thinking.

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    1. It makes perfect sense to me. But who is wise enough to know which people can change and which ones will always be a problem? Protect the innocent for sure. But always leave a guarded door open for reconciliation. There are people who have a seared consciousness that will never repent but I’m not wise enough to know who is beyond hope.

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      1. Perhaps we won’t know, but I do know that it sets the example that there won’t be justice for the victim and will encourage further behaviour that causes harm… they might think that I can do it again. It’s too great a risk to take at the expense of creating further victims. You stop it once, you can stop it altogether for the perpetrator. Enacting justice is mercy for the victim and the perpetrator. I’ve been on the receiving end, currently am, and I’ve seen that the person continued with the same behaviour because nobody did anything to stop them, not even people with the power to do so.

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