Just Another Day At The Office

My Supervisor came bursting into the office and exclaimed “It’s like Animal Planet out there!” She went on to inform us that a Coyote had just attacked the doe who had been joining the staff outside at break time. It’s not the kind of photo op I normally get so I clocked out and locked down my computer. By the time I got outside with my camera the coyote had left in defeat. The doe was licking a single wound which didn’t really seem to bother her much. She wasn’t bothered by the onlookers and soon went back to munching on the clover. To her it was “just another day at the office”. I would have to guess that she landed a powerful kick in just the right place to make the coyote hungry for something smaller and less able to defend itself. Perhaps a nice rabbit or something. I was concerned about the twins that were with her this year but since the day I took the picture I’ve seen the three of them together. They have taken to the deeper forests for winter cover but they’re doing well. The coyote on the other hand seems to have moved on. I’m still on the lookout for the huge buck which I believe to be the father of the twins. I’ve gotten close a couple of times but he’s more nocturnal and stays out of the open places. Perhaps near the end of winter they’ll come back up into open looking for fresh greens. Until then I’ll keep a camera ready just in case.

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