More Things That A Little Bird Told Me.

Before I begin tonight’s post I want to apologize to my readers for not posting last night. Internet services were disrupted in my area and where I live there’s no cellular services available due to thick forests and mountains. Thank you for understanding.

The little bird landed ever so gently on the edge of the roof. “I have secrets ” he proudly announced. “And what secrets do bring today?” I replied. Now, for a little bird carrying secrets is a sacred duty. But if there’s anything they love more than telling secrets it’s haggling. “I don’t know ” The little bird said sheepishly. “They’re awfully good secrets but I missed the worm this morning and I’m just too weak to sing.” He continued while cocking his head sideways to get a better look at the crust on my peanut butter sandwich. Smiling in amusement at the little bird’s skillful negotiations, I began to toss pieces of the crust up to the roof. Soon after he finished his brunch he started to sing and this is what he said.

“The worst mistake that you’ll ever make is the one you didn’t learn from.”

I’m in agreement with the little guy. Everybody messes up but not everyone acknowledges the errors and makes changes the next time. “That’s a good one” I said to the bird.”Please continue.”

The little bird took a deep breath and said, “Instead of counting the days make every day count. You’ll have the same number of days but you’ll have more life in them because none are wasted.”

Once again the little bird seemed to hit the nail on the head. No matter if it’s work or play doing things with a thought out purpose and a full effort helps to make a happy life.

“Thank you little bird! But you got half of my lunch. You’ve got to give me at least one more secret.” I prodded while holding up my empty plate.

The little bird seemed to bob from side to side as if he was debating with himself about which secrets to yield. He hopped up and down the edge of roof the he looked right at me and said “The only way to fail is to give up. If you learn the first two secrets and follow the third you will eventually have a measure of success in everything as long as you don’t quit too early”.

“Excellent my little friend! Expect an extra crust of bread on the roof tomorrow morning!” I exclaimed. Now, it’s very difficult to tell if a bird is actually smiling because of the beak but his eyes did seem to be a little brighter as he lifted off and returned to his perch in the treetops.

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4 thoughts on “More Things That A Little Bird Told Me.

    1. Well, I will always advise people not to repeat my mistakes and spend their lives in a job that makes them unhappy. But. Develop an escape plan first and be sure that you have somewhere to land ahead of time.
      For me, it meant starting my own business and work for myself. I’m still in process but I’m moving forward. This the question that is at the heart of modern survivalist thinking. We all desire to be independent and homestead.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wise words, very wise words, indeed. As always, you give great and practical advice. I agree, an escape plan is a must otherwise I’m running away with no direction in mind. I can suck it up for a while, and there’s always other possibilities to remain hopeful. And with friends like you who show so much support, I feel more empowered. Thank you. 💖

        Liked by 1 person

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