A Special Sunrise Over Long Point

The big blue truck slows to halt in the small parking lot. It’s still dark but the August morning air is already warm. The crickets are no longer chirping but the occasional cicada drones out in the ebbing darkness. After a few sips of coffee I set the break and begin unloading my gear. I was really on my way to photograph the one opportunity in my life for a solar eclipse but I had left with plenty of time for a few side trips. The sunrise over Long Point was shaping up to be a special one. I had all three cameras in place when the first rays of morning broke over the ridge. First was the reds and golds. As the light show progressed the colors shifted to pink and pale turquoise before becoming the deep blue that’s so familiar. I had read that at the time of an eclipse the light does unusual things but I didn’t expect a tropical sunrise. I took several pictures but this one from the T5 was the most unique. I had to be disciplined with my SD card because the main show was still several hours away. After packing up my gear back into the truck I sat in the cab and enjoyed a few more sips of coffee and continued to watch the sky change color as the sun made its appearance. Soon the colors settle into a normal sky and it’s time to head to the next stop. One more sip of my coffee and I pull back onto the highway.

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