The First Date Lasts Forever

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The old man walked out of his house and shuffled off into his garden. With trembling hands he began to sort through the prickly shoots and branches if the rose bush he planted sixty years ago. As he worked he subconsciously began to hum that familiar song that was on his car radio all those years ago when he picked her up for their first date. He could still see her long hair pulled back into a ponytail and smell the perfume that she wore on that night. As he explored the bush for just the right bloom he found himself dancing to the tune of the their first slow dance while his little dog cocked his head trying to understand what was going on. One by one he snipped and gently placed the cuttings in his basket and carried them to his shed. The best roses were destined to be placed in the turned and hand rubbed wooden vase that he completed a few weeks before. He recounted their first date to the dog as he worked. He described her smile and way she giggled when made that joke. The little dog laid on the rug and kept his eyes fixed on his master as if transfixed by the story. The old man continued to work diligently clearing space in the shed and making last minute adjustments to the small room. Finally he took the remaining rose pedals and scattered them on the freshly cleaned floor. “Okay boy. Bring her.” He commanded to his dog. The little wasted no time running into the house and tugging at the him of her pants excitedly like he always did when he wanted her to follow. Her eyes widened and she smiled that same smile that she did the first time he pulled up into her father’s driveway for the high school Valentine’s Day dance all those years ago. He reached over and pushed play on his phone and started their song as he asked her to dance. She leaned into his chest and held her close as they gently swayed into the night.

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