The Calling ( A Surreal Tall Tale)

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The wind stopped blowing so suddenly that it seemed to make a thud and the rolling clouds froze in place. For a moment everything was silent. As I looked around I began to see other signs that something must be amiss. There was bird that was frozen in mid air. The flow of water which normally jetted from the overflow tunnels at the base of dam was suspended in mid stream and the rapids on the Gauley River looked solid enough to climb. Time was definitely halted. But for what reason? And why wasn’t I effected? I released my grip on the camera and it too remained suspended in mid air refusing to fall. I stood back and marveled at the world for a moment. I was tempted to hop but then on second thought what would happen if I didn’t land? I reached out and took a hold of my camera and it became free again. I began to realize that as long as I was touching an object it would behave normally. Then there was a voice. A voice that wasn’t as much heard as it was felt. It seemed to call me down to the water’s edge. I began to make my way towards the calling when I tripped over a stone in path. “Great!” I thought. “The only object capable of falling in this world is me.” I had laugh at the ridiculousness of my predicament. I seemed to fall in slow motion and barely felt an impact when I came to a rest at the bottom of the dam. That’s when I spotted the golden key laying in water. It was an odd shaped key with a tubular shaft and wings on one end. The shaft had a groove the length of the shaft and several knobs on the inside of tube. It hung on red silk ribbon that was seamless and without a clasp. Instinctively, I knew that that this was the purpose of the calling. I hung the key around my neck and continued on following the direction of the call. The landscape shifted as I traveled and soon I came to the mouth of cave. Just inside the threshold of the cave opening was a crystal doorway. The crystal door was ajar and at the top there was an engraving of two triangles with one inverted over the other. The tips of triangles touched. I felt that voice again urging me to step through the doorway as the door opened fully. I looked inside and there on a stone pillar was an antique mantle clock with a hole in the face that my golden key would fit. I knew then what must be done. Inserting the key in it’s spot I began to wind the clock. I continued to wind until the tension on the spring felt just right. However, when I tried to remove the key it was stuck. I gently jiggled and tugged but it was no use. This key was not for one person to keep. As soon as I let go of the key the clock began to tick. Slowly at first but I could easily tell that it was picking up speed. The voice began to call from outside of the cave. It was more urgent than ever. As I glanced away from the clock I saw that the crystal door was beginning to close and now that time was flowing again the opportunity to leave the cave was running out. I leapt through the closing door and rolled out of the mouth of the cave just in time to see it fade away into the hillside. I could feel the breeze on my skin and looked up through the canopy of trees to see the clouds rolling by. Time was fully restored and I would have to make my way back up to the big blue truck and head home. I wondered why this task had fallen to me. Was it fate? Was it something that I was born to do? Or was it just that I was in the right place when the clocks stopped ticking? I’ve been told that it’s a photographer’s work to freeze time. But I had not expected to be responsible for getting it going again.

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