Winter’s Last Grasp

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Dark skies hang over my Appalachian Mountains as old man winter throws his end of the season tantrums. In just nine days he must give up his throne and fade into history. Not being one who favors change he has sent rain sleet and snow as well as a blast from his icy breath. But have no fear. He can’t hold out much longer. Let old man winter waste his strength in vain. Ice will melt, waters will drain and topped trees will sprout new roots . I have already noticed that in the lower elevations the buds on the trees are beginning to swell in preparation for the explosion of new growth in the Spring. So as the cold rain falls and the trees shake in the wind I’ll be content to sit quietly by my fire and hold my loved ones close enough to keep them warm and safe. We know that the storms can’t last forever and that when the clouds break and the skies clear old man winter will be dethroned.

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6 thoughts on “Winter’s Last Grasp

    1. The jet stream is clocking record speeds and dipping down a little farther than normal this year. I Own soil conservation maps that contain climate data going back to the 1800s. It’s kinda normal to have X number of days that are a little warmer than normal every 10 years or so. ( I’ve forgotten the exact statistics and should probably look it up again). As I write this reply it’s snowing.


      1. That’s really interesting! It makes me wonder if we all were overreacting, as I saw a lot of people online say that it was because of global warming. But if it’s natural that this should occur every 10 years, then it’s not as big of a problem. But I still believe that global warming is a serious problem right now, I don’t know how hot it will be this year. I hear a few years ago many Pakistani’s lost their lives because their country was undergoing a major heatwave.

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      2. I believe that it’s a natural cycle. I spent a lot of time reading different opinions and since my brother and I both have backgrounds in science and technology I think we have a pretty even keeled view. Which is that global warming is happening but not to the degree that political parties say. Carbon dioxide loses its greenhouse effects at .06% concentration but you never hear that from the alarmists. I have sat in on research bids and it’s not pretty. You’ll never get the grant unless you line up with the political options of the group sponsoring the research.
        But there’s real problems with fossil fuel that have nothing to do with warmer weather. Mercury is a prime example. It’s Bio-accumulated making it almost impossible to remove from the food chain. But with all the bad science involved with global warming … it causes people to dismiss all environmental concerns and so the real problems go unchecked and unfunded.

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      3. I’m not well-versed in biochemistry, fossil fuels, mercury and the food chain, would you mind explaining its effects? I’m terrible at science, I still don’t know what photosynthesis is.

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      4. Well, basically coal has trace amounts of mercury and through runoff and the ashes the mercury gets into the food chain and accumulates in the top predators. In most cases that’s the fish that we eat. I don’t really buy into a lot the global warming stuff and even if I did the proposed fixes only concentrate political authority into a powerful few and does little to reduce carbon dioxide. My advice to anyone who wants to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is to plant some fruit trees. Not only do the sequester CO2 but they produce food that can help feed the hungry. ( in permaculture we call this function stacking). Capturing CO2 and burying in a pit only reduces the planet’s ability to produce food because the plants turn it into sugar.


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