The Day I Fell Into The Sky

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Sunday morning I arrived early at the parking lot of my day job. The previous day’s blanket of snow was washed away by a warm rain. Like all parking lots ours has low spots where the water pools after a bit of inclement weather. It was the perfect opportunity for some black mirror photography. Breaking storm, bare trees and low angle of the sun reveals an alternate universe within the pool. Having managed to hold onto my childhood imagination brings me to daydream about accidentally stepping in the wrong direction and falling through into the other sky. My daydream completely absorbs me and I can feel the rush of cold air blowing through my hair as the clouds rush by. At first I thought that I was flying instead of falling. As the ground grows ever farther away my lack of control says that I’m definitely falling. I’m just falling up instead of down. Then it hits me. I’ve slipped into a mirror world and things here are backwards. Here, birds swim, fish fly and cats bark. If something didn’t happen soon I would fall completely off of the earth and drown in space. What I needed was an anchor of some sort. It was at that moment that I felt something wrapped around my ankle. There was a sudden jerk and I stopped moving. It was a kite string. I looked down to see the most beautiful kite that I have ever seen laying on the ground. I was saved. It took every bit of strength that I could muster to pull myself out of the sky. As I neared the earth I discovered that the kite was actually tangled up in the roots of a tree. Even in the mirror world some things are universal. Trees eat kites and that’s it. But for me it meant a place to safely rest by sitting upside down on a branch. I had come down far away from the mirror pool I had fallen into. I was worried that I might not be able to get home. I started to look around in a panic and that’s when I saw the arrows carved into the tree. They pointed to a large crack in the bark. I gather some slack from the kite string and looped it into a belt that could hold me to the tree and used it to shimmy down the trunk to the crack. I tugged on the edge of the broken bark and found that the tree was hollow. With nothing to lose I crawled in began to work my way towards the end where I saw a little speck of light. As the light grew closer I realized that I was no longer upside down. I came out at the base of another tree in my world. I would show you the pictures from the other side of the mirror pool but when I checked the folder I discovered that every time I snapped the shutter it deleted a file. πŸ˜‰

With my childish daydream gone it was time for me to return to the real world for real. I did manage to catch a few good shots of the mirror pool for tonight’s feature image. One of which has already been released on Facebook in a few groups that I frequent. I hope that you have enjoyed tonight’s surreal tall tale about falling into the sky.

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  1. I love how much I can “feel” like I’m there with you through your descriptions. And your pictures are always amazing. Thank you

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