Holding My Peace

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Ever since I was a kid people have advised me to “hold my peace”. It wasn’t until recently that I understood that this phrase didn’t necessarily mean shut up. Oh, I understand that’s what most people intend when they invoke the words but it means something different to me now. I hope that it’s going to mean something different for you too after this post. I realize that I have some readers that are not Christian. I can’t write this one from any other perspective. So, if you’re offended by Christianity then this post isn’t for you. You can skip this one. Unless of course, you’re tolerant enough to read it and try to gain something. I write a lot about peaceful moments and quiet time. The images that I share with you are normally places where I go to spend a few moments with Jesus Christ or in some cases something that makes me feel his presence in my life. It’s the things that “recharge my batteries”.

Christ is an endless supply of peace. We can be filled at any time. But the real challenge is staying full of peace in a world where your peace is under constant assault. I don’t have to provide examples, we all know where that stress comes from. Which brings me to my point. Being filled with peace and holding onto your peace might be two different things. Holding my peace now means something different to me. It means the ability to carry that peace throughout the day. I’m just as human as the next guy. There’s times when my peace battery is completely depleted. I’ve even gotten stressed out about being stressed out. The Apostle Paul said that he had to repent every day. But you know what? I’ve never really read where Jesus Christ refused to accept repentance. Don’t get me wrong, there will be a day when the age of grace closes and the day of vengeance will be at hand but not until after the rapture. Today we can simply come apart from the outside world and recharge as often as we need. And holding onto your peace gets easier with practice. Even if that means holding as long as you can and then running outside or into the next room to regain your grip on it. That grip will get stronger with exercise.

I hope you find this post and image to be an encouragement. Be blessed and have a great day.

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6 thoughts on “Holding My Peace

  1. Going into the next room, though I must admit is harder than it is in reality, holds a lot of arguments at bay and often stops them altogether. I’ve noticed a lot of time by arguing it doesn’t solve anything especially when both parties are heated, there’s no resolution in sight when we’re angry. Again, it’s a learning process and I can’t judge someone who will get heated and argue, they’ll learn eventually, we’re all human .

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    1. Yes. Sometimes it’s better to remove yourself from a situation. In my job I often have to deal with unreasonable people and such. I still haven’t mastered it but I am learning to not allow the other person’s struggle ruin my sense of peace. Keeping that peace in your own heart can give us the power to look at a situation logically and react with a productive resolution. Of course there’s still no such thing as a magic bullet and if the other person is determined to have drama then you can’t help them.


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