The Kissing Trees

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Out near the forest edge and by the creek is one of the most unique things that I have ever seen in nature. Technically, a natural graft between two trees would mean that they share a root system and are at least the same genus. Two Apple trees grafted into one by a nurseryman can yield a tree that gives different kinds of apples. But here are two trees that aren’t even the same family much less the same genus. What is occurring in the feature image isn’t really a graft. It’s more of a kiss. I’ve enjoyed these two trees that seem to be locked into a kiss that spans centuries. So much so that I decided that they need their own legend…

Once a long time ago, two young children would meet by the water and play in the mountain stream. A boy and a girl. They did everything together. They would catch crawldads and minnows for fish bait. They played hide and seek in forest. And they would climb the trees and look out at the world from the branches. As they grew up a little they decided to build a cabin out of sticks and play house. The boy would pretend to come home from working in the mines and the girl would serve him mud pies. One day the boy came walking up the creek on his pretend trip home from work and the girl met him in the usual spot. Only this time something was different. The boy had a funny look on his face. As if for the first time he realized that his best friend and playmate was a girl. A difference that she had already realized several times. As they met at the threshold of the little play cabin they each paused and for the first time in each of their lives, they kissed. That day their friendship grew into something that included something more. As they matured into a young couple the little stick cabin and it’s mud pies game gave way to plans of a real house and a real family. They had a long a happy life and when they passed away their family spread their ashes in the spot where their love was born. Shortly after the brief but meaningful ceremony these two trees sprung up. And that first kiss now plays out forever.

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