The Forgotten Lock

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I was just out wandering around and looking for something interesting to catch in my lens when I notice the fence just off the main road a bit. I allowed my eyes to explore the area. I was looking for a trailing vine or maybe a small bird roosted in the chain link. Then I noticed the lock. It was just hanging there. I used the zoom lens to get a closer look at it. Locks are either indoor use or outdoor use. This one was obviously in the wrong place for a while. Time and the elements have frozen it with rust. I wondered if I had stumbled upon another love lock but a love lock should be on a bridge not a fence. Bridges represent transition where fences symbolize a barrier. Then on closer inspection of the image I saw that this lock was left open.

I realize that the lock was more than likely used to secure the nearby gate and was probably retired due to it’s inability to withstand outdoor use. But the symbolism of a rusty lock left hanging open on the fence was not lost on me.

The lock when open represents the concept of vulnerability.

The rust symbolizes the passage of time.

The fence symbolizes a barrier.

What is not pictured here is the gate. For the sake of the example lets say that the gate was open. That puts a whole new perspective of the story of the rusted lock. One of a person who has been receptive for a long time.

In the English language we generally use the word “love” to describe romance. But there’s also the concept of friendship, brotherhood/sisterhood, the relationship between a parent and a child, the affection we have for our pets and so on.

Perhaps the image that I captured is another “Love lock” after all. It’s just a different kind of love. A love for one’s extended family of community. Not a lock that holds in but an openness that invites the world to stop by from time to time and share a story.

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