Summer Rain On Three Rivers.

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Tall clouds tower above the steep hills in the three rivers area. Mists raise up from the moss covered forest to meet the oncoming rain. The frogs start to sing as the first drops hit the leaves. The rain is steady but the wind is calm.

Looking out over the Kanawha River and listening to the approach of the rain brings back the memories of a simpler time in a mobile home. Whenever the summer rain came in from the West I would listen to droplets hitting the metal roof. It always started slowly. You could tell what part of the roof the drops would hit by the pitch of the tinkling. Deeper notes came from the central peak of the arch. The higher pitch sound came from the edge and the bell like ringing came from the cap of the stove pipe. Eventually they blended together in a crescendo that would drown out everything. The white noise made the perfect environment for deep sleep. I would lay down and it seemed like I slept so deep that I wouldn’t notice how much time had passed. The next morning the air smelled clean and we would go out and play on the temporary creeks that formed as the water made it’s way to the sea. There was always time to splash in puddles and try to catch salamanders that came out to enjoy the wet conditions.

A large drop of water hits the roof of the big blue truck and splashes onto the back of my neck which brings me back to the present. The leading edge of the downpour is now on my side of the falls and it’s time to get back to the shelter of my own piece of the mountains.

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