Veterans Day Thoughts 2019.

Hello friends! Normally this where I give you the image title and how to purchase a copy but tonight’s post is simple a thank you to all of those who served in the armed forces.

Old Glory. The name invokes thoughts of the destiny God has planned for free people.

As children we bought cardboard drums full of green plastic soldiers and toy tanks. The exposed roots of the big yellow poplar in the front yard made a perfect landscape in which the fate of the world was decided.

Image Titled “Toy Soldiers In Silhouette” & is a studio recreation of a childhood memory.

We made little forts and buildings from rocks and sticks found under the tree and wild clay that we harvested from the edge of field. Paper airplanes made bombing runs across the field of battle and the good guys always won. At the end of the day all of the men on both sides were carefully gathered up and returned to cardboard drum to be put away until the next time they were needed to save the world. But plastic doesn’t bleed. At the time that I was playing these games men and women were coming home from Vietnam. Some with all their scars on the inside. My grandfather was a veteran of World War Two who lived the rest of his days with the shrapnel that sent him home still embedded deep in his body. Looking back I remember that far away look on his face as he watched us play with the toys.

One day out of the year our culture asks those of who are civilians to thank our veterans for their service and give them a well deserved handshake. Perhaps buy a cup of coffee and have conversation. But what about tomorrow? Or six months from now? When I consider the sacrifice made by our nation’s finest I have to believe that it deserves more recognition than one day out of the year. There are plenty of veterans who just need a buddy to check on them from time to time and talk about fishing or sports or anything. The World War Two generation is swiftly marching into eternity with Korean and Vietnam vets bringing up the rear. If you truly want to thank a vet then become a part of their life. I believe that you’ll find out that a relationship with a true friend is the best form of thanks. Our finest citizens deserve more than to be put away into a box until the next holiday.

Image Titled “The Silent Cannon”. A reminder that peace has returned.

The last thought is concerning retired cannons. The long and the short of it is that the tradition comes from a time when warriors signaled peaceful intentions by placing their weapons in a way that rendered them useless. When the cannon was developed it was only capable of one shot and so emptying the bore by firing a shot into the air signalled peace since it makes the cannon useless. Today we’ll find artillery in parks and memorials that usually filled with concrete transforming a weapon of war into a symbol of peace.

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10 thoughts on “Veterans Day Thoughts 2019.

    1. Thank you Chandra Lynn ❤
      The Toy soldiers were place in front of a picture of a the tree I used to play under and the whole thing was backlit by a flashlight.

      My grandfather was the first to tell me about retired weapons but I had to do a quick search to make sure that I remembered correctly.

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  1. Nice pic and write up. I’m from a family that had men in all the three Defence forces: Army, Navy, and Air Force. Dad fought in WW II. An uncle in the liberation of Goa from the Portuguese. One brother-in-law in the 1965 war with Pakistan. Another in the liberation of Bangladesh (war against Pakistan). An uncle, too, fought in the 1971 war against Pak. We have a martyr – a young Captain, my nephew aged 27, who was a commando in the Army.
    I get what you say, “If you truly want to thank a vet then become a part of their life…. Our finest citizens deserve more than to be put away into a box until the next holiday.”

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    1. My dad was a scout swimmer in the marine corps in the early days of Vietnam and he was also part of the Bay Of Pigs invasion. I never served but most of the I care about did in one form or the other. There’s certain things that vets can only talk about with each other but it’s everything else that makes their lives fulfilling. 😊

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  2. Great article and I love the toy soldier pic. I played with them as kids while people in my life were coming back from Vietnam as well. My uncle & grandfather were in the army. I chose the Marine Corps. I’m sitting at the VA as I’m writing you right now looking at all the vets getting health care. Not the best but getting better. Friend a vet is always a great thing and you never know how much in common with them you have. Glad we’ve become friends through WP. 😊🇺🇸

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