Christmas 2019, the New Light

Hello friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Christmas In A Small Town 121117MR” and is available for purchase by the instructions at the bottom of the article. Unlike most of the photos on my blog it is a mixed reality image because it has been augmented beyond what my eyes actually saw.

I’ve been making reference to the “New Light” over the past several days. As I mentioned a few posts ago my world view encompasses multiple interpretations of what I observe.

  • The natural view which is a straightforward understanding of the physical world and it’s occurrences.
  • The philosophical view which is little “life lessons” not of a spiritual nature.
  • The spiritual view which are things that I think God is trying to teach me.

Sometimes all 3 come to me at once and sometimes they come at odd times. Sometimes there’s only one or two views that present themselves but generally speaking there’s always something to be contemplated. Such is the case with the holidays and the solstice.

I believe that the Gospel of Christ was first written on nature. All of the natural events in our world ( which in my view includes the whole of the physical universe) are foreshadowing the story of Jesus. The world was born in darkness as told in the first 3 verses of the book of Genesis. I equate this with the ages before Jesus and the winter solstice with the night before Christ was born and the creator of the universe inhabited an earthly body to bring us life.

St John chapter 1 verse 4 teaches us that Jesus Christ is our light and source of life

We don’t really know for certain what day or season Jesus Christ was born in. There’ good evidence for December based on the details of when the shepherds would have been in the field. But the symbolism of a world in darkness receiving light was the important thing.

When we think about the symbolism of light we generally think about ” enlightenment” relating to a deeper understanding of the deep things concerning God’s nature and ultimate truth. But if you search it out the light of the sun symbolizes God’s grace. Or in other words, the unmerited favor of God. A gift that mankind did not and could not earn but which we desperately needed.

So, to tie it all together. We are celebrating the gift of grace through the coming of Jesus Christ at a time when the symbol of grace is rising higher in the sky. The actual date of His birthday is not as important as recognizing the gift that was given.

Merry Christmas to you and yours from Lloyd’s Lens Photography.

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