Things A Little Bird Told Me #3

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During a break in the rainy day I decided to step out for a bit of fresh air. The little minstrel that visited me at lunch flew out of the forest and landed on a Multiflora Rose on the edge of the property. He had been singing his little heart out all morning and once more it was time to pay the piper. Today however, I was not caught without a crust of bread and presented my offering in return for his song. The mockingbird flew to roost with his meal and soon returned. Now, you may not know this but when birds aren’t singing they’re listening. And because they fly all over the lands they hear a lot and pick up on a lot of wisdom. The mockingbird looked me over and then I clearly heard him say “Thank you” in the voice of one of my teachers from many years ago. He must have noticed the shocked look on my face because he grinned and noted that he was a mockingbird and the imitation was no challenge at all. I’m sure that I was still blinking when I replied “You’re welcome.”

“Well then”, the mockingbird continued, “because that was such a fine crust of bread I’ll share with you one of the treasures that I’ve learned in my journeys flying to and fro and listing to the best teachers in the land. I leaned in closer as he spoke.

“You’ll never achieve a goal that you don’t believe in.” He said. “To have a dream is one thing but to believe in that enough to take action is another thing. If you believe that something is impossible then you won’t give a full effort and you’ll give up before you succeed.” Then he paused for dramatic effect. “Failure begins with a lack of faith in yourself. You’ll always have what you believe in. If you believe in success you’ll find a way to make it but if you believe in failure then that’s what you’ll create.” Then in typical little bird fashion he spread his wings and took off.

And so I took to heart what the little bird told me and as I looked back at my own life I saw times when his words rang true. And even though certain goals are genuinely out of reach most if the ones that I’ve missed I missed because I gave up too early in my efforts. Likewise, the things that I actually achieved I achieved simply because I knew that there had to have at to make it happen and I kept making small adjustments until they did.

I hope that you are encouraged by the things that the little bird told me. If so then let me know in the comments! 😊

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