Mental Vacation, March 2nd 2020

Hello friends! Tonight’s feature image is titled “Game Of Tag” and is available for purchase by the instructions at the bottom of the article.

As I sit at my desk and look out of the window the rain seems to melt the outside world.

The Gray Veil113019

With my natural view obscured by the gray veil outside my window I don my headphones and call up the sounds of warm summer day. I comfortably close my eyes in reminiscence of a sunny Sumer day. I can hear a bluebird in the soundtrack and my imagination builds him in detail. I can see the white highlights in his feathers and the dark fringes on his wings and tail feathers. His ruddy Brest puffs out and he resembles a little ball of fluff just before he releases his song into the breeze. I find myself taking a deep breath and I can smell the fresh cut grass mingled with the water mint in the creek. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the grass tickles my bare feet. Movement on the edge of my field of vision catches my attention as the tiger stripe Swallowtails engage in aerobatics during a game of tag. The yellow male matches the black female as she dives and loops. She finds a thermal updraft and climbs high. At the apex of her climb she seems to be suspended weightless and rolls to one side as she dives for the vegetation. It looks as though she gave her pursuer the slip but he was ready. He had anticipated her maneuver and pulled up short allowing him to intercept her from below. He thinks that he’s won but this is her game and it’s not over until she says so. The two butterflies continue to circle each other in the air until they disappear into the forest.

The soundtrack in my earbuds ends at about the same time as my mental image allows the butterflies to slip away until the next time I need a break from the gray world of winter and I open my eyes. The work in front of me must be completed so I go back to the task… And yet, I could swear that the smell of fresh cut grass and mint still lingered in the air.

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2 thoughts on “Mental Vacation, March 2nd 2020

  1. This is so neat! Thank you very much for sharing – the pics and the sentiments you shared.

    May Jesus richly bless you!

    Because of Jesus,


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