A Trip To Summersville Lake On The Cusp Of Spring

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Standing out over the water on a silent morning I look out over the lake that has been such large part of my life. The water always seems to carry it’s own mood. I have seen the lake display it’s anger when choppy waters are a greenish gray and seem to want to toss small boats onto the rocky shore. But thankfully today is different. Today a profound peace fills the canyon as the surrounding beauty soaks into the water. The glassy reflection gives the illusion of another world laying just below the surface.

The Grand Tour Of Salmon Run At Winter Pool

Pulling back from the water in panoramic mode makes the other side look like an island floating in a sea of clouds. I have never been on a kayak but days like today do make me long for the ability to toss in and just paddle until I’ve explored all 50 miles of shoreline. If not for Hughes’s Bridge it would be easy to picture one’s self as an explorer surveying some ancient world long forgotten. The caves and overhangs along the canyon walls may have been shelter for people who once thrived here. I have often wondered if you looked around would you find stone tools deep inside them? As ponder the possibility of the past a huge swirl breaks the surface and dissipates without revealing its source. I’m reminded of the legendary giant catfish that are said to hole up in those same caves in summer. But this one gets to remain as the one that got away. I just wasn’t fast enough to get a clear image of even the ripples and the legend continues as myth.

The ripples were gone before I could zoom in and focus.

Perhaps the next trip I’ll run into the fishermen who finally landed a monster.

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