An Angel Story

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“When a butterfly lands on you it’s really an angel come to grant a wish”

-Spoken to me by an elderly man in South Carolina

The sweet aroma of hibiscus filled the late summer air as the angel approached the country home. The modest house was surrounded flower beds and little raised bed gardens here and there. A stone pathway led through a row of fruit trees and to a small pond on the edge of the forest. The angle felt drawn towards the path. Her steps were so light that she barely disturbed the lawn as she made her way onto the path. Being invisible to humans ment that to all but the most observant she appeared to be a stray breeze shaking the grass. As an immortal she was tall. So tall that she had to duck her head beneath the fruit trees. As she neared the pond her heart felt the sorrow of the child before her ears heard the soft sobbing. The small girl was knelt down in the tall grass holding an empty collar. The collar was purple with little bones printed on it and a small bell hung next the tag. The angle knew that this was why she was sent to this place. Then her ears heard the plea. “I wish Cuddles would come home.” The angel smiled as she took the only form that she was visible in. A beautiful butterfly flew in out from where the angle once stood. In her butterfly form the angel flew a few circles around the little girl and landed on her hand as it held the empty collar. The angel fluttered her wings and spoke peace to her heart. Then the breeze picked up a little and the butterfly opened her wings to catch the sky. Higher and higher she flew in widening circles. The little girl watched the butterfly climb until it was a dot way above the trees. She flew over the creek but saw that there were no puppies slashing in the water. She circled the fields but there were no puppies digging holes. The butterfly searched and prayed for guidance. When she opened her eyes she saw a sunbeam shinning down into the forest. Her heart raced as she glided down with her eyes fixed on the spot where the sunbeam landed. There was Cuddles curled up in a little ball asleep in the sunbeam. But now how would she get him back to the little girl? An inspiration hit her and she landed lightly right on the end of Cuddles’ nose and fluttered her butterfly wings which tickled the dog and brought him to full attention. Still in her butterfly form the angel began to flip and circle around enticing Cuddles to play chase. His little tail wagged as he furiously tried to catch the butterfly that teased him.

Meanwhile the little girl stayed near the pond where she had found the empty collar. Her eyes continued to search for the hint of a tail popping up through the tall grass. Suddenly the butterfly glided over her shoulder and disappeared into the cup of a hibiscus flower.

Image Titled “Spicebush Swallowtail Feeding 81920”

Behind her the little girl her heard the familiar yap of Cuddles and spun on her heels as he leapt into her arms and showered her face with kisses. She fixed the purple collar around his neck and scooped him up to carry him home. She hugged him so tight that he grunted a little. As the walked back up the path from the pond to the house Cuddles peeked over his little girl’s shoulder just in time to see the butterfly become an angel once more. Occasionally the little girl would catch Cuddles standing in a room by himself or barking at nothing in the yard. She would look to see what wad going on only to spot a butterfly nearby.

Story inspired by Frances Elaine’s comments on my blog. May your niece’s life be full of angels.

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  1. Your beautiful post touched my heart Lloyd! I love this. Thank you💗 She has been in my thoughts and your story and words made me so happy😊💞

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