The Crab Spider

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The tiny hunter waits patiently holding her body as tense as a loaded spring. She tunes her body to match the alabaster tone of the hibiscus flower and waits for unsuspecting visitor. I almost missed her myself as I moved forward a bit to photograph the flower. The wilderness is a place of wonderment and beauty but it’s also as treacherous as it is pleasing to the eye. As I shifted my weight from my right leg to my left an orb weaver dropped from her web and scurried for cover but the crab spider remained as still as a statue confident in her ability to remain unseen. It was only recently that science discovered the crab spider’s chameleon like talents. The changes are so subtle that the scientific community was only able to document the change with the aid of Photoshop’s color detection software. The change can take several hours and it it seems harder for her to go back to the white. Generally speaking, the crab spider in not dangerous to humans. The one in tonight’s feature image is actually quite large as far as crab spiders go. Typically the ones I see are much smaller and would be unable to break the skin in order to deliver their venom but this one might be able to make a person uncomfortable for a while. However, she’s more afraid of us than we are of her. Not to mention that venom is hard to make I elected to leave her alone not because she might bite me but because she’s actually a beneficial predator on many pests that attack out gardens.

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