The Lost Trail Incident part 2

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The hiker woke to Rex growling aggressively towards the door of cabin. A spine chilling scream ripped through the night air. Because the fire had burned down to embers the only light in the room was a dull red glow. It was just enough to cast shadows that seemed to move and sway slightly. Rex moved across the hiker’s body in a protective position as cabin door slowly opened. And Rex relaxed his stance slightly. The boy stepped in silently and he closed door softly behind him. The glow of fire made his face red and his eyes were covered by shadow. He looked at the hiker and raised a boney finger to his thin lips as he seem to glide across the floor in a single step. He picked up the antique carbide head lamp and cupped his hand over the dish shaped brass reflector. In the dim light of the fire the hiker heard the hiss of gas and with a sweep of the boy’s hand there was a loud pop and the room erupted into brilliant white light. The hiker closed his eyes in pain due to the sudden dramatic change. When he opened his eyes again the room was dark once more. He could barely make out the heavy iron bar securing the the door. He could see the brilliant light from the lamp leaking into room from under the door and coming in through a window he’d not notice earlier. The window of cabin was opaque. It was made from paper that had been saturated with bee’s wax and oils until it was translucent. It let in the light but not enough to give an opportunity to see what was happening outside. There had been a few minutes of silence when the hiker could smell dust in the air. Remembering that he still had his cellphone in his pocket he pulled it out and turned it on. In the glow of the cracked screen he could see dust particles falling from the ceiling. He distinctly heard the sound of a baby crying from above him and could track the movement of something large by the places that dust was falling from. Then another blood curdling scream. This time from near the door of the cabin. The hiker could tell that the light from the carbide lamp had swung around by the shadows that fell across the translucent window changing angles. “You ain’t gonna git him!” The boy shouted as he began to reel out music from his fiddle again. This time it was loud. Very loud. The hiker recognized the tune as “Nothing But The Blood” from his own childhood. Whatever was on the roof screamed again but this time it sounded pained. Rex began to bay loudly with his hackles bristled and his own body covering that of the hiker. A large shadow passed quickly in front of the window and landed with a soft thud as the boy played on with a fury that was completely untethered. The beast he’d been engaged with gave a last scream in painful rage and disappeared into the underbrush.

The heavy iron bar slid back and the door of the cabin opened. Boy walked in with heavy sound of his boots echoing in the cabin. He placed the fiddle and lamp onto the table before stoking the fire. He looked confident but exhausted as he sat down at the table. He looked at hiker with a deadly seriousness and said, “Devil cat’s got your blood scent and tracked us here. But he’s gone now and it’ll be light soon. We best get what rest we can now.” With that he laid his head on the table and fell fast asleep. Rex turned three circles and settled down at the foot of the bed thumping his tail a few times before laying his head across the hiker’s ankles. The hiker powered down his phone to conserve battery and stared at the ceiling in the firelight until he was settled enough to sleep himself. He was thankful for the boy who took him in but wondered what the morning would bring.

Friends, that’s part two of The Lost Trail Incident in the can. Good night and be blessed throughout your days!

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