Thoughts On Individualism for 2021

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The other trees in the forest stood by with an indignant expression. “What does she think she’s proving? How long will she keep up this silliness?” They murmured among themselves. The oaks were worst. They even demanded to her face that she should straighten up. But Joy didn’t care what the rest of the forest thought. She was just going to continue to be herself.

There’s always that one person in the group who is the life of the party. It’s not really the person who zigs when everyone else zags but the person who starts the zig zags in the first place. These blessed souls are more often than not the most intelligent people among us. They the individualists. The ones who question the world and ask why normal is normal. They take risks and cause the rest of to push the envelope a little.

When I saw the tree with the curly queue I said to myself, “There’s a nonconformist if I ever saw one. I imagine that to get such a strong bend in the trunk of the tree that at one point someone tied a knot in the top when it was young and limber enough to be shaped. As the tree grows it straightens out enough to reach for the heavens but will always bear the mark of it’s history. People are like that too. We all carry a little of our experience throughout our lifetime. It’s what makes us unique. In some ways, it’s the bend that stands out. An injury was purposefully given to this tree. In a field of tall straight boles it’s been stunted and misshapen. For most woodworking it’s now completely useless. But what makes this tree an awesome nonconformist is the fact that it didn’t give up. It untangled itself the best it could and kept going!

In life we have people who will do their best to shape us into their version of what they want us to be. Often this is based on first impressions or what kind of word they want. Unless it’s really what you are in your heart do not conform to the mold they build around you. Free yourself as best as you can and continue to reach for the heavens. Those who are not strong enough to break their own molds might even judge you but don’t give in. Simply look on them with kindness and empathy and understand that in most cases they are only expressing their frustration at themselves. Just keep growing into the individual you were meant to be.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

Image Titled “Be Yourself 122920b” showing a closer look at the curly queue.

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