Things Are Just Ducky #15 George and Tilly’s Day In The Sun

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George and Tilly swam along the edges of the sun filled lake as they foraged the edges. Occasionally they would find a morsel or two and the humans brought scraps of this and that. Winter wasn’t too harsh on the lake and where the water met the forest there was always something in season. Today however was particularly quiet. Only a few humans were there early in the morning and they unloaded boats to take them out to the deep where the large fish lay on the bottom. George and Tilly had the shallows to themselves. As they paddled around the songbirds were in full chorus and George looked at his bride with delightful content. Then he began began to swim slow circles around her and before it was over the game became a sort of dance in tune with the sounds of the lake. They moved in graceful arcs and created beautiful patterns on the surface of the water. Sometimes they circled each other and other times they moved in parallel to the tune that only birds can hear. As the dance ended they moved to the shore and in the fashion accustomed to ducks stamped artful patterns in the mud with their webbed feet. The breeze was very light and the afternoon sun was warm. George nestled down in the newly formed firm spot in the mud and Tilly cuddled up close. They had all the world at their wings but most of all they had each other. And that was all they needed to be content.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.

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