The Thorns

Hello Friends! Tonight’s Feature Image is titled “The Thorns 11221” and is available for purchase by clicking the thumbnail and reaching out to me on the contact page.

As I approached the old barn to photograph the rusted hinge and weathered gray wood I’m given one of those “gifts” from nature that I don’t much like to receive. A thorn in the flesh. But it’s okay. I’ve fought this battle many times in my life. I know almost all of the tricks to overcome the trial. I first acknowledge the pain. One the first lessons of adulthood is that uncomfortable doesn’t kill. Don’t recoil from the pain. Accept it. If you try to pull away the Thorns will only rip your skin and cause more pain. The cane that bears the thorns is long dead and brittle. It’s a simple thing to reach down and break off the parts that are not embedded in my skin and clothes. Carefully reach down and lift the remaining branch opposite of the direction it went in. There will be more pain but not as much as going in. I took the photos and headed back to the road. But as did so that thorny branch sought it’s revenge by tangling itself in my pants and trying to make me fall.

It’s an unfortunate fact that some of life’s situations are in themselves thorn patches. We’re drawn in by the idea of a reward such as the perfect rustic image or perhaps it’s hope of gaining approval from others. Whatever it is it’s the idea of the rewards that distracts us from the surrounding hazards and before we know it we’re caught. Most of the time we panic and struggle but the struggle only leads to a greater entanglement. We have to stop and break off the excess material. We have to remove the catches that have attached themselves and do so knowing that it’s going to be uncomfortable. And as we leave tangling thorns we have to be careful not become tangled again.

God, guide my steps but do so knowing that I’m human and as such I’ll most likely make a wrong step. And when I make the wrong step give me the grace to get free. And as I leave those circumstances behind pick me up if I fall.

Good night friends and be blessed throughout your days.


I am adding additional social media to my network. Eventually, I’ll be leaving Facebook behind for a multitude of reasons. Even though the Lloyd’s Lens Photography page is strictly non-political I have been restricted from interacting with followers with no explanation for why. But it’s not just that. For years now Facebook has throttled content providers in general. They encourage us to grow our audience and then want to sell us back the access to them. In addition, they collect and sell the data from our interaction. So Facebook has become an entanglement of thorns. In response I have created the Lloyd’s Lens Photography Discussion Group on MeWe. We can still interact directly on the blog but starting today I’ll be looking for more platforms that respect the privacy of my followers and don’t limit who gets to see the post.

I want you to join my group on MeWe:

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4 thoughts on “The Thorns

  1. The thorns sound like a painful lesson. Getting off of Facebook makes sense. Pure Glory has been on Twitter and in recent days have lost a large number of subscribers in a few hours. More of censorship than subscribers leaving. It has been happening on many of the well known social media sites. I will be looking at brighteon social to get an account with them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ❤️ Hazel

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    1. God bless you all up North ♥️
      I have a whole bunch of alternative platforms that already have accounts but I want specifically to avoid those who data mine. The early days of MeWe were kinda rough while the platform found it’s footing but they seem to have fixed a huge amount of issues. I’m not familiar with Brighton Social though.

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        This was started by Mike Adams the Health Ranger. He was kicked off of Facebook and other platforms for his conservative views so he started as an alternative platform. He recently added the social platform. It seems like Christians and conservatives are being censored. He has a medical laboratory and an online health store. I have been familiar with him for years. Many folks censored on other platforms have come to him and they are growing.

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